Friday, July 11, 2014

The 2nd Primate Survey Training, Sokokembang 9-11 June 2014

This activities was initiated last year in 2013, where we realize that primate conservation should be based on scientific information. And actually there is a problems to conserve endangered primate and its habitat in central java , that we lack of capacity and knowledge about primate survey method. 

Thus , the training aims are :1 to raise and encourage young primate researchers and conservationist in central Java. 2. To enhance knowledge and technical experience on field primate survey. 3. To establish professional network among young primatologist in central java.

Totally 21 participants,  were joint in 3 days training in Sokokembang (see photo.1), they are come from university students, forestry government staff ,Journalist, and local NGO  from surrounding javan gibbon habitat in central java
2014 training participants 

In this training, we introduce two methods that can be applied in the  field for primate survey training, i.e “line transect” and “vocal count-triangulation” especially for gibbon survey. The training including room discussion, field practice (data collection) and its data analysis.

During the training we also received coverage from national newspaper, and published at  11 June 2014 (photo.2).
newspaper coverage about the primate survey training in Sokokembang forest

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