Sunday, July 20, 2014

Javan gibbon ecological study and Monitoring,in Sokokembang forest.

recording the gibbon calls

A longterm study about Javan gibbon and its ecology we called “Javan gibbon remote monitoring network” have been initiated in Sokokembang forest, Central Java, Indonesia. The Javan gibbon with their unique behavior have been studied, by its calling behavior for population monitoring. The specific aim is to provide scientific information on Javan gibbon acoustic behavior,  to know their population dynamic and we will use this result to raise conservation awareness,  broadcast the recorded calls  and other  rainforest  sound recording to world wide through the website.

Starting at March 2014 we have set a tree house for javan gibbon monitoring, and monitoring activities conducted monthly in four consecutive days. Set of directional microphone and smartphone have been used to record calling of the gibbon. Here for example of the result :

recording equipments

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