Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Coffee and Primate Conservation

Central Java, Indonesia, forest fragmentation and degradation in the gibbon’s habitat is the main problems, due to economic problems, people near by the forest encroaching the forest for their income. Coffee is one of the commodities in Petungkriono district, however the value coffee is very low and doesn’t have any additional value towards farmer near by the forest. Forest-Coffee , its shade grown coffee planted by villagers in Sokokembang village, people planted coffee under natural shade of forest trees where Javan gibbon and other javan endemic primates lived there naturally. It has been practiced since many years ago by villagers. These coffees are grown in the wild and processed traditionally by villagers at Sokokembang. Coffee production techniques in Sokokembang that preserve natural trees as shade trees, have important consequence for conservation of Javan gibbon habitat and other endemic species.

 In this project we have been  doing  scientific research and conservation awareness activities combine with community empowerment to conserve Javan gibbon (Hylobates moloch) and its habitat in Petungkriono district, Pekalongan regency, especially Sokokembang village for pilot project. We have bee enhance economic value of forest coffee through building capacity of coffee farmer, enhance their knowledge on coffee processing and develop coffee and conservation marketing strategy.

We have been work since 2007 with people of javan gibbon habitat ( read reports and publications) for primate ecological study, and intensively work with community in 2012, some result showed that rain forest products are soo precious as we thought before, and its really important to support people livelihood surrounding the forest, indeed. However some of them need to be enhanced for the quality, offcourse we have to assist to penetrate the market too. We have already some rainforest products, such as shade grown coffee, palm sugar, and fruity-forest syrup. As sustainable rule that we have been applied, all the profits from the products will go directly to support endangered primates conservation activities and forest coffee farmers as well in this region. These products can be purchased by order to our emails : c.nur.annisa (at); wawan5361 (at)

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