Friday, September 5, 2014

Coffee and Primate Conservation : a cup of java for gibbon

The title above is  oral presentation title during International Primatological  Society XXV Congress in Hanoi, Vietnam 11-17 Agustus 2014. Abstract for this presentation can be read here. The presentation is about our field work "Coffee and Primate Conservation Project" activities in Central Java. Please contact the author personally for further information.

Its largest meeting  in the field of primatology, where we can share information about primate research and conservation, meet the expert, funding agency and develop professional network for primate study and conservation.
We also joined in to the post congress of IPS, in Bogor 18-22 August, here about the meeting information and we also give a talk about our project in Sokokembang forest. There are two other poster presentation from our project activities, presented by our project team member. Read here

We would like to thanks to Conservation International, Margoth Marsh Biodiversity Foundation, and IUCN Primate SSC for the travel grant to attend the IPS meeting in Vietnam.

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